MWeb for Mac

Pro Markdown writing, note taking and static blog generator App

Introducing MWeb for Mac

View - Dark Mode or CMD + Option + L

The image will display in editor immediately.

Editor&Live Preview: CMD + 4, Outline View: CMD + 8

Minimal UI, powerful tool

Supported Github Flavored Markdown syntax: TOC、Table、Fenced code block、LaTex、Task lists、Footnote etc...

Native OS X app

MWeb is Native OS X app, more faster and smoother, better writing experience with Markdown!
MWeb supported Dark Mode, Typewriter Scrolling, Drag & Drop or Paste to insert image. The image will display in editor immediately.
For better writing experience with LaTex, MWeb supported LaTex Live Preview in Editor! MWeb also supported Editor&Live Preview View Mode, Outline View etc...

External Mode

In External Mode, you can edit classic text and markdown files from anywhere on your Mac. As an example, you can point MWeb to a folder on Dropbox. Shortcuts CMD + E or View - Open External to open External Mode.
For Full Text Search and Drop or Paste to insert image support, please drag the folder to External Mode's sidebar.

Hexo, Jekyll support

You can drag the Hexo, Jekyll folder to MWeb for Live Preview and Drag & Drop or Paste to insert image support.

Drag the folder to sidebar. Preview Only: CMD + R。

Drag & Drop insert image for Jekyll

Click the right-top corner share button for export, publish.

Publish to WordPress

Local images upload


Export to PDF with Table of Content, HTML, image, RTF, docx.


Publish to WordPress, Metaweblog API blog services, Blogger, Medium, Tumblr and Evernote notebooks directly from MWeb.

Local images upload

Upload the local images to Google Photos, imgur and custom images service.

Library Mode

MWeb has two Mode, External Mode and Library Mode.
Library Mode design for note taking and static blog/website generator, it use categories tree to organize documents. You can set a document to multi categories. Shortcuts CMD + L or View - Open Library to open Library Mode.

Static blog generator

MWeb's static blog generator is very easy to use, just set the document to the site category and click build site! MWeb's static blog is difference with the Jekyll like static blog. It's no require HTTP server for preview.

Library Mode

Static blog generator

More Feature...

  • Custom Editor Theme.
  • Custom Preview Style (CSS).
  • Custom Static Blog Theme.
  • Built-in Spell Check.
  • Full Version History.