Introducing MWeb for iOS

MWeb for iOS 2.3.4 release!

  • Add publish to tumblr
  • Fix imgur upload bug.
  • Add iOS 11 Drag&Drop support. now you can drag the image to the editor for insert.
  • Add custom keyboard toolbar buttons and sort.
  • Add utf16 encoding file support.
  • For gitbook user, now you can open file link in preview mode. Add in app open website url in preview mode.
  • Other bugs fix.

MWeb for Mac 2.2.3 release!

Release note:

  • Library static blog/website add Publish Script. Now you can go to the "Preferences" - "Extension" - "Publish Script" to setting the Publish Script and "right click the site category" - choose "Execute the Publish Script..." to publish the blog/website. More info: How to use Publish Script to Publish website..
  • Static blog/website template add include syntax: <!-- include(file.html) -->
  • External Mode add right click to setting the sort.
  • Add choose exist tags when setting the tag.
  • Other Bug fixes and performance improvements.

How to use Publish Script to Publish website.

Publish Script is a new feature in MWeb for Mac 2.2.3. It's taken a new experience for Edit/Publish in MWeb. When you finish edit, just right click the site category and choose "Copy Publish Script command and Open Terminal...", when the Terminal is opened, just press Command + V, then all is OK. No need to key the publish command in terminal app.

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MWeb for Mac 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 release!

2.2.1 release note (7/2):

  1. Library documents list add "Group by Categories". Right click - Group by Categories.
  2. External mode add show .Rmd, .mkdn, .mdwn, .mdtxt, .mdtext and .taskpaper files.
  3. Now you can change the LaTeX (Mathjax) Preview font. Please open Preferences - Themes to change. you can choose TeX, STIX-Web, Asana-Math, Neo-Euler, Gyre-Pagella, Gyre-Termes and Latin-Modern
  4. Add publish to Tumblr.
  5. Add Preview style: mweb-solarized-dark, mweb-solarized-light, mweb-Tomorrow Blue, mweb-Tomorrow.
  6. Add disable left right swipe gesture (Preferences - General).
  7. When you disable "Make links clickable in Editor view", you can hold the Command key to click the link in Editor.
  8. Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

2.2.2 release note (7/8):

  1. Library: New way to set/edit the document categories and tags. Just click the top of Editor "categories and tags" bar, or use shortcuts: CMD + 8.
  2. Library: Document Outline, Media & Attachment, Website Extension in one panel now. Just click "Document Outline" button or shortcuts: CMD + 7.
  3. Add overlay option in "Document Outline".
  4. Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

MWeb for iOS 2.3.2 release!

  • New icon! Thanks @Red5Sign, Producter:
  • Add Dropbox sync support.
  • Add "move" the document.
  • Add mweb-solarized-dark, mweb-solarized-light, mweb-Tomorrow Blue, mweb-Tomorrow Preview theme. Change the Editor theme will change all style now.
  • Add show local picture as thumbnail in Editor.
  • Add url scheme and 3D touch. Url scheme: show Home: mwebapp://?p=home. Show Home list item title contain "MWeb": mwebapp://?p=home&name=MWeb. Show Library: mwebapp://?p=lib. Show Library list item title contain "Inbox": mwebapp://?p=lib&name=Inbox. Show Cloud Documents: mwebapp://?p=cloud. Show Local Documents: mwebapp://?p=local.
  • Add delete custom preview style ( edit style - tap bottom delete button ).
  • Add custom sort Favorites items ( tap Edit button on right-top ).
  • Fix iPad SplitView empty bug.
  • Add Special Thanks.
  • Other bugs fix.