MWeb for iOS release!

Introducing MWeb for iOS

Welcome to MWeb for iOS

MWeb first is a Markdown editor, the use of Github Flavored Markdown, referred to as GFM, which is one of the most widely used Markdown syntax. If you do not know what Markdown is, it is recommended to take a look at the Markdown Syntax documentation. GFM in addition to support the official syntax, but also extended a lot of grammar, the specific circumstances will be described later in this article.

Markdown keyboard


As shown in the figure above, the MWeb for iOS is a convenient way to input the Markdown syntax. Click the (M) button to switch to Markdown keyboard.

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MWeb 2.0.9 release!

MWeb 2.0.9 Update:

  • Fix Editor blank bug in macOS beta.
  • Fix Paste Markdown from HTML code block bug.
  • Publish to evernote support code highlight, TOC, LaTeX and custom style. Thanks: cyhhao
  • Add hold the CMD key and click the link in Editor will not open the link.
  • Publish to Medium support local images .
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

MWeb 2.0.7 submited!

MWeb 2.0.7 Update:

  • Add Paste Markdown from HTML, Menu: Edit - Paste Markdown from HTML.
  • Add CMD + O support open all text document, not only .md file.
  • Add reload the Library, Menu: File - Reload the Library.
  • When in Preview only Mode, CMD + P will print the preview result.
  • Fix CMD + Shift + S duplicate document bug.
  • Fix LaTeX bug in Table Edit/Insert.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Paste Markdown from HTML demo:

MWeb 2.0 release! 50% OFF, only $7.99!

  • Add custom Documents Library location. Preferences - General - Library Location
  • Add Tabs support.
  • Add tags support for Documents Library
  • Add Toolbar, for hide Toolbar, please use menu: View - Hide Toolbar.
  • Redesign Document Outline, shortcuts: CMD + 7
  • Add table edit and insert UI, chortcuts: Ctrl + Shift + T.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

There is a lot of new feature in MWeb 2.0! Please check out this video:

For 1.x Users

  1. 2.0 will update static blog theme, if you has changed the system blog theme, you can find your old theme in below location:

  2. 2.0 will update 1.x Library to 2.x, you can find the old Library in below location:

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MWeb 1.9.7 release! CMD + 4 and Live Preview improved, Publish to support latex.

CMD + 4 and Live Preview improved

When the Resize window when hide pane is disable, CMD + 4 will like below:

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