MWeb for iOS 2.3.2 release!

How to use Publish Script to Publish website.

Notices: This featrue has some bug, we will fix it in this release! Thanks.

Publish Script is a new feature in MWeb for Mac 2.2.3. It's taken a new experience for Edit/Publish in MWeb. When you finish edit, just right click the site category and choose "Execute the Publish Script...", then all is OK. No need to key the publish command in terminal app.

1. Start

The publish script only test for git, you can use it publish to github pages. If you didn't has github pages, please check:

2. Clone your github pages to the MWeb static website output folder.

Notices:If you already use github to publish the static website, please skip this step. If you didn't, please check the bellow steps:

  1. Use MWeb build the Site.
  2. Go to MWeb "Preferences" - "General" - "Build Sites Save Location", click "Show in Finder". Now you in the "MWeb static website output location" in Finder. The website I build is "MWeb Official Site", so there is a "MWeb Official Site" folder in that. I will use "MWeb Official Site" for the example.
  3. Open terminal, set the current folder is "MWeb static website output location".
    You can choose "MWeb Official Site" parent's folder and press CMD + C, switch to terminal, key cd and space, then press CMD + V and press Enter key.
  4. Delete the "MWeb Official Site" folder. Execute the command: git clone 'your github pages repo' 'MWeb Official Site' in terminal. Please use your github pages repo and folder name.
  5. Use "Clear and Rebuild Site" menu in MWeb.

3. Config Publish Script

Open MWeb "Preferences" - "Extension" - "Publish Script", sea the bellow:

If you click "Load Sample" button, you will sea the sample like bellow, you can edit it for your own.

# Please set the name and email. 
# Because MWeb can't get your github global setting.

git config "Your github name"
git config "Your github email"

git add --ignore-removal .
git commit -m "{{year}}-{{month}}-{{day}} {{time}}"
git push -u origin master

And please config you github name and email.

git config "Your github name"
git config "Your github email"

4. Execute the Publish Script

Right click the site category and choose "Execute the Publish Script...", like bellow: