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MWeb 1.4.1 发布!增加引入文件夹到 MWeb 中管理,支持拖拽插入图片和实时预览,静态博客功能增强

MWeb 1.4.1 版新功能:

因为这次发布的功能有点多,所以一开始提交到 MAS 前就写了两篇文章特别介绍了两个重要功能,这次更新主要有:

  1. 外部文档模式增加可引入文件夹到 MWeb 中管理,支持 Octpress、Jekyll 等静态博客拖拽插入图片和实时预览。请按 CMD + E 或者用菜单:View - Open External 打开外部文档模式,点 App 左下脚的 + - Add External Source... 增加文件夹。更多介绍请看提前写好的介绍文章:
  2. 静态博客功能增强,之前写好的文章 介绍了如何用 MWeb 的静态博客增强功能为 greyshade 模板增加播客和输出 Apple Podcast 格式的 RSS 的功能。成品的 Demo 网址为:
  3. 实时预览增加同步滚动功能
  4. 分享到 Email 由原来的图片改为 RTF 格式的文档。
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MWeb 1.3.7 release!

1.3.7 new featrue:

  • Add publish to Wordpress and other supported MetaWeblog API blog services, like sina blog, cnblogs, oschina, csdn etc...
  • Add publish to Tumblr,
  • Add outline view to Live Preview.

MWeb Screenshots in Yosemite


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MWeb 1.3 release! 50% OFF, official site, new icon, task list support, optimized MathJax support etc...

Official Site



  • Add CMD+Shift+V paste PNG pictrue.
  • Add sequence and flow chart support
  • Add task lists support. - + space + [ ]or - + space + [x]
  • Add Markdown export.
  • Add setting Disqus Comment code support, more info:
  • Optimized MathJax support and add MathJax library to local.
  • Optimized PDF export.

Fixed some crash.

For MWeb 1.2 users

Site themes updated: greyshade, octopress themes updated for support setting Comment and Share code,MathJax ,sequence and flow chart. Three variables added like below:

{{ commentAndShareCode }}
{{ seqAndFlowChartSupport }}
{{ mathJaxSupport }}

Updated template pages:

  1. footer.html add {{ seqAndFlowChartSupport }}, {{ mathJaxSupport }} code, please check this link:
  2. post.html add {{ commentAndShareCode }} code, please check this link:

Add AddThis Share and Disqus Comment

AddThis Share


Go to and sign in.
Click Account Settings - Profiles to add new Profile. Go to Dashboard - Shares - code on page to select share style like below:

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