Introducing MWeb for iOS

How to use Publish Script to Publish website.

Publish Script is a new feature in MWeb for Mac 2.2.3. It's taken a new experience for Edit/Publish in MWeb. When you finish edit, just right click the site category and choose "Copy Publish Script command and Open Terminal...", when the Terminal is opened, just press Command + V, then all is OK. No need to key the publish command in terminal app.

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Tutorial for MWeb for Mac and iOS insert images and images auto upload services

There is two ways to do after inserted a image in MWeb.

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How to use MWeb for Mac Library in iOS

If you want to use Library in iOS, please save as the Library to iCloud Drive or Dropbox in MWeb for Mac. This tutorial will told you how to do that.

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MWeb 2.0.7 submited!

MWeb 2.0.7 Update:

  • Add Paste Markdown from HTML, Menu: Edit - Paste Markdown from HTML.
  • Add CMD + O support open all text document, not only .md file.
  • Add reload the Library, Menu: File - Reload the Library.
  • When in Preview only Mode, CMD + P will print the preview result.
  • Fix CMD + Shift + S duplicate document bug.
  • Fix LaTeX bug in Table Edit/Insert.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Paste Markdown from HTML demo:

MWeb 1.9.7 release! CMD + 4 and Live Preview improved, Publish to support latex.

CMD + 4 and Live Preview improved


When the Resize window when hide pane is disable, CMD + 4 will like below:

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