Introducing MWeb for iOS

MWeb 1.6 release! Dark Mode,Full Text Search,Editor/Preview View Mode, Update to Wordpress, Evernote etc..

Dark Mode

Use View - Dark Mode or Shortcuts: CMD + Option + L toggle Dark Mode. You can custom Light/Dark Mode Editor Themes in Preferences - Themes.

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MWeb 1.5 release! Typewriter Scrolling, Fenced code block code syntax highlight in editor, publish to Evernote, 印象笔记,, Blogger

Typewriter Scrolling

Shortcuts: CMD + Option + T or View - Typewriter Scrolling

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Add AddThis Share and Disqus Comment

AddThis Share


Go to and sign in.
Click Account Settings - Profiles to add new Profile. Go to Dashboard - Shares - code on page to select share style like below:

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Introducing static blog generator

About Page and Post

As Wordpress and other blogging platforms, MWeb also has Page and Post. Page can use for About Us, Contact ect... If you want to set a document to Page, just click Setting button and enable Is page, like below:

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Introducing documents library

Basic usage

CMD + L to open the documents library.

Three view pattern

Editor Only:CMD + 1, Two Panes:CMD + 2, Three Panes:CMD + 3. The editor area will not resize when the view pattern change.

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