MWeb 4.0 macOS/iOS has been released.

MWeb for iOS 2.3.2 release!

  • New icon! Thanks @Red5Sign, Producter:
  • Add Dropbox sync support.
  • Add "move" the document.
  • Add mweb-solarized-dark, mweb-solarized-light, mweb-Tomorrow Blue, mweb-Tomorrow Preview theme. Change the Editor theme will change all style now.
  • Add show local picture as thumbnail in Editor.
  • Add url scheme and 3D touch. Url scheme: show Home: mwebapp://?p=home. Show Home list item title contain "MWeb": mwebapp://?p=home&name=MWeb. Show Library: mwebapp://?p=lib. Show Library list item title contain "Inbox": mwebapp://?p=lib&name=Inbox. Show Cloud Documents: mwebapp://?p=cloud. Show Local Documents: mwebapp://?p=local.
  • Add delete custom preview style ( edit style - tap bottom delete button ).
  • Add custom sort Favorites items ( tap Edit button on right-top ).
  • Fix iPad SplitView empty bug.
  • Add Special Thanks.
  • Other bugs fix.