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MWeb Pro 4 compatible with macOS High Sierra and above.
To download MWeb Pro, please click below link:

Download MWeb Pro 4.5.9

MWeb 4.5.9 release

  • Improvement: The export PDF function in macOS now allows fonts and font size settings, where the fonts list comes from multiple fonts in "Settings - Fonts". In addition, the export PDF function in iOS/iPadOS also adds fonts, font size, paper, margins and other setting items.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.5.8 release

  • Improvement: When clicking the "Sync Button - Sync Now", in addition to requesting to push all changes, the currently open document will also be directly synchronized. If you feel that the current document synchronization is slow, it should improve after performing this operation.
  • Improvement: The mermaid library is updated to 10.9.0, but 10.2.4 will continue to be used when macOS is below 13 and iOS is below 15.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.5.3 ~ 4.5.6 release

  • Fixed: The previous version upgraded the mermaid library to 10.6.1, which caused problems in macOS 11 and below. This version reduces the version of the mermaid library to 10.2.4 to solve this problem.
  • Improvement: The Library mode's editor information bar is changed to fully display the path of the category to which the document belongs.
  • Improvement: Add an "Open External Folder mode" button to the lower left of the Library interface.
  • Improvement: Add an "Open Library Mode" button to the lower left of the interface in External Folder mode.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 release

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.4.9 and 4.5.1 release

  • Improvement: Compatible with macOS 14.
  • Improvement: A "Replace..." button is added to the local image upload interface of the document. When tap the "Replace..." button, the local image address in the original document will be replaced with the uploaded image address.
  • Improvement: After exporting to Epub, the set cover and author will be remembered, so there is no need to set them again when exporting next time.
  • Improvement: In edit mode, when scrolling the document content, the outline view will highlight the title corresponding to the current content.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.4.8 release

  • New feature: add 25 new themes, including 8 light themes and 17 dark themes.
  • New feature: add menu "File - Reload Current Document".
  • Improvement: When customizing a theme, it is very easy to make a new theme by configuring the colors of various elements. However, configuring a good-looking color scheme is often difficult. The new version introduces the base16 color scheme framework, adding 179 colors for reference. How to use: "Preferences - Theme & Style - Customize Theme".
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.4.7 release

  • Improvement: Improved LaTeX's $ syntax support, support \$ escape, support GitHub's $`\sqrt{3x-1}+(1+x)^2`$ syntax.
  • Improved: LaTeX more settings added option: LaTeX enables physics package.
  • Improvement: When adding published to service, the login method is changed from "login in the pop-up window in the App" to "login with the default browser".
  • Improvement: In iCloud Drive files in the external folder mode, will automatically download unsynced files..
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.4.6 release

  • Fixed: "Generate Github Style TOC" function is not working properly.

MWeb 4.4.5 release

  • New feature: References between documents (backlinks) can be viewed in the outline view. If there are references in the document to other documents or referenced by other documents, they will be listed in the outline view. Use the menu: "View - Outline View" to view the outline view.
  • New feature: The reference syntax between documents adds support for locating the title in the document. in the editor, please place the cursor in the title, and then use the menu: "Edit - Copy Note Link" to generate the reference syntax. Then paste it in other documents. The original syntax is: [Test](mweblib://16292173056753), the syntax to locate the title is: [Test](mweblib://16292173056753#titile). Where #title means "# + title or text in the document".
  • New feature: In Quick Search, press "Cmd + Shift + C" to copy the reference link of the selected document. During the writing process, when you need to cite other documents, you can use the "Cmd + O" key to open the quick search. After searching for the relevant document, press the "Cmd + Shift + C" key to copy the reference link of the document, and then press " Cmd + V" to paste to the current document.
  • Improvement: The preview can be zoomed in with two fingers. In addition, in the preview state, the shortcut key "Cmd + +/-/0" to zoom in and out of the font also has an effect on the preview.
  • Improvement: When exporting HTML, when using the default theme, the width of HTML content was changed from unlimited width to editor line width in preferences.
  • Improved: mermaid library upgraded to 10.2.3.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.4.4 release

  • Improvement: Improved the color scheme of the app's interface and various built-in themes.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.4.3 release

  • New feature: Added Focus Mode. In Focus Mode, all elements on the interface are hidden except for the "Exit Focus Mode" and "Keep Window on Top" buttons. You can enter Focus Mode through the "View - Focus Mode" menu or the "eye icon button - Focus Mode" on the toolbar. Additionally, a "Focus Mode" button has been added to the custom toolbar panel for your convenience.
  • Improvement: Improved the document import. The document import feature is now a separate import window. You can choose to import an entire folder and also convert the folder structure into the Library's classification tree. Before importing, the system will list the files to be imported and display them as a list for confirmation.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.4.2 release

  • Added: Added recent searches. After searching, press Enter key to save the searched keywords to recent searches. Click the search icon on the left of the search box to view recent search keywords.
  • Added: Added search result filtering. In the search result list, click the "Filter" button to further filter the results by "Categories", "Tags" and "Title Only".
  • Added: When opening a document in the search results, the find panel will be opened directly, no need to press the "Command + F" shortcut again.
  • Added: Custom theme adds three color customization items, namely: the Library UI second column background color, the Tab background color, and the Tab dividing line color.
  • Added: In the default theme, the Library UI second column background color of the Solarized Light, Solarized Dark, Tomorrow Blue and Monokai themes has been modified. If you need to change back to the original color, please customize the theme .
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.4.1 release

  • Fixed: In the preview mode while editing, the preview will flicker when editing a document.
  • Changed: The shortcut for strikethrough is changed to: cmd + shift + e.
  • Changed: The Markdown link generated when inserting an attachment is changed to add an extension and line break.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.3.9 release

  • Urgently fix the bug of excessive memory usage in the previous version.

MWeb 4.3.8 release

  • New: Now you can pin the note in the Library to the top. In the list, right-click the note and select "Pinned Note".
  • New: Added a "Copy" button to the upper right corner of the code block in the preview.
  • New: Quick Notes can be switched open and close using the set global shortcut. The first time you press the key, it will be open, and the second time you press the key, it will be close.
  • New: Export as Image now has the option to export 920 width images.
  • Fixed: The bug that the action before the execution of the website publishing script is set but has no effect.
  • Fixed: When the sorting of website classification is custom drag and drop sorting, the "previous page, next page" order of the generated static website is incorrect.
  • Updated mermaid library and mathjax library.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.3.7 release

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.3.5 release

  • The editor can now set multiple fonts. You can now set different fonts for headings, main content, and code blocks, as well as apply the fonts to UI and previews. How to use: "Preferences - General - Font setting dropdown menu - Add or edit multiple fonts...".
  • In the menu of the "eye" button on the toolbar, add a switch option: "Show open button when the cursor is over a link". When unchecked, the open button will not be show when the cursor is over to the link in the editor.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.3.3 release

  • Library mode Change Icon interface now can search the icons.
  • The Library list style adds an item: "One Line Title and Content Style", the original "One Line Title Style" style is changed back to the original way.
  • The editor optimizes the operation of opening links: when the mouse pointer is moved over the link, a button will be displayed beside the link. Click this button to open the link, no longer need to hold down the CMD key and then click the link title.
  • Fixed an issue where some special documents could not be jumped when clicking the title in the outline view in preview-only mode.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.3.2 release

  • Added the "Change Icon" feature to the category of the Library mode, which requires macOS 11 at least. There will be over 3000 icons to choose from on macOS 12. Please try "Right-click Category - Change Icon" to use this feature.
  • Optimize the list style of "Title Only Style" in the Library mode.
  • In addition to automatically new note regularly, Quick Notes also adds a "Manually New Note" option. After selecting "Manually New Note", you can click the "+" button on the Quick Notes interface to add new note.
  • Fixed the incorrect time point when Quick Notes new note regularly.
  • The cmark-gfm library is updated to 0.29.0.gfm.4. This library is used to parse markdown syntax highlighting and generate html. It is very important. If you find any problems, feedback is welcome.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.3.1 release

  • Added: Now when opening a document, it will automatically scroll to the position when the document was last closed.
  • Added: Starting from this version, the non-Store version supports automatic updates, and it is no longer necessary to go to the official website to download.
  • Added: Added "Automatic Equation Numbering" option for LaTeX equations, in "Preferences - General - LaTeX more settings".
  • Added: holding a option key and click a category in the Library or a folder in External folder mode will "expand/collapse" all subcategories.
  • Improved: When importing a theme, if an existing name is detected, it will first ask whether to overwrite the theme with the same name.
  • It is no longer necessary to distinguish between the Big Sur version and the Catalina version.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.2.7 release

  • Library Mode: Quick Notes can choose to use the window mode, click the "Pin 📌" button in the upper right corner of the Quick Notes to switch to the window mode.
  • Library Mode: When deleting a document in the Trash, if the image in the document is referenced by other documents, a copy will be copied to other documents.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.2.6 release

  • In addition to the previous use of -c to limit the search category, the search of the Library also adds the "right click category - search this category" feature. The ordering of search results has been adjusted, with titles containing the search keywords listed first.
  • Imgur login instead of directly opening the browser to login.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.2.5 release

  • Added option to preferences: "Reopen Windows and Tabs from Last Session".
  • A "Search" button has been added to the lower left corner of the Library mode UI, which can be clicked to open a quick search.
  • In the document list style of the Library, the height of the style that only displays the title has been reduced.
  • The "Copy Note" menu item is added to the right-click of the document list of the Library, and the current document can also be copied and opened by using the menu: "File - Copy".
  • Fixed the problem that the image of the exported PDF is not displayed when the image is set to an absolute path in the external folder mode.
  • In the external folder mode, the image path setting adds support for the {filename} variable.
  • Fixed an issue where the | character is not rendered when using $ in inline math formulas.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.2.3 release

  • The iCloud synchronization button of the Library is added with the "Synchronization problem?" menu. After clicking it, you can select "Re-download the contents of the Library on iCloud" or "Re-upload the current Library to iCloud".
  • Fix the bug that the local image in HTML syntax are not displayed in the preview mode.
  • Quick Note adds the option of "Automatically add date".
  • Ordered list items will no longer start from 01.
  • Now you can hide the toolbar and the tab bar, in the View menu: Show/Hide the toolbar or tab bar.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.2.2 release

  • Fixed the problem of exporting to Epub.
  • Right-click the category of the Library or the documents list can export to Epub.
  • When opening a document in the Trash, the property bar above the editor will display "In Trash".
  • When the automatic correction of ordered list is checked, if the number of ordered list items is more than 10, it will start with 01.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.2.1 release

  • The interface for switching themes has been changed to a more friendly way. Creating themes is also easier, and MWeb will add more themes in the future.
  • In "Preferences - General", you can set LaTeX math formulas not to use $$ syntax.
  • Fixed the problem that Imgur image upload service could not be added.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.1.9 release

  • Fixed the problem that text cannot be selected in the blank space on the left side of the editor.
  • Fixed the problem of too many Web Content processes.
  • Table editing changed to use native technology (previously used Web technology).
  • Add remote images download feature. If there is a remote images in the document and you want to download it to local. Please use the menu: Edit - Remote Images Download. There are also add that button on the toolbar.
  • Insert Links and Images syntax is changed to the way of using dialog boxes.
  • UI optimization.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 4.1.8 release

  • Fixed the crash bug of "Generate Github Style TOC".
  • Fixed some problems in exporting PDF.

MWeb 4.1.7 release

  • Exporting to PDF now adds a table of contents (TOC) by default, and footnotes are also jumped correctly.
  • Fixed some bugs in theme editing.
  • CloudKit synchronization optimization: If the modification time of the pushed document is older than the modification time of the current document, it will give up updating the document.
  • Editor improvements: In the previous version, images were not displayed in the list. Now they are also displayed in the list, but they still won't be displayed in the table.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 3.x upgrade to MWeb Pro 4.x

Note: Users of MWeb 3.x can upgrade to MWeb Pro 4.x for free. The upgrade method is: download MWeb Pro 4.x, there will be an "License Upgrade" button in the pop-up interface of the software, click this button You can redeem the 3.x activation code for the 4.x activation code.

Mac App Store users: Please update directly from the Mac App Store.

Tip: MWeb 2.x upgrade to 4.x requires a new payment, and there are currently no discounts. If you want to download version 3.x, please click here to download MWeb 3.x. If you want to download the 2.x version, please go to the bottom of this page to download.

Changes in MWeb Pro 4.x

MWeb Pro 4.x is a major version upgrade, mainly because the editor has been changed, CloudKit synchronization support has been added to the document library, and the UI has also been changed. For detailed changes, please check this article: MWeb 4.0.0 for macOS beta has been released(中文).

If you have any questions, please check this link: MWeb 4 Q&A(中文) or send email to , I will usually reply you within 1 to 3 working days, thank you very much!

2021 MWeb updates

  • 1/09: Released MWeb's new editor App: One Markdown for macOS.
  • 1/29: Released One Markdown for iOS/iPadOS.
  • 2/02: Decided to work on integration the new editor to MWeb first. the following main tasks is:
    1. integrate the new editor into MWeb.
    2. macOS/iOS/iPadOS UI improvements, which will feature a more modern interface.
    3. improve the iCloud sync, will support CloudKit sync.
  • 4/06: The beta version of MWeb 4.0.0 for macOS is released.
  • 7/25: The beta version of MWeb 4.0 for iOS is also released.
  • 8/09: MWeb 4.0 release!

MWeb 3.4.4 release

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 3.4.3 release

  • Support publishing to the Yuque team repository. Click "Publish to team repository..." on the publishing interface, and then fill in the homepage URL of the team repository for configuration.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 3.4.2 release

  • Library Mode: CMD + 8 can now be used to set the category and title of the document Library at any time, and it is not limited to slide to the top of the document.
  • Library Mode: In the document picture list in the outline view, pictures that are not referenced in the document will be displayed with a red title. Clicking on the picture in the picture list will jump to the place where the picture is referenced in the document.
  • library Mode: fix the inaccurate number of documents in the category.
  • Fixed the problem that the external mode is slow to open for the first time.
  • Fix the problem that the table rows will be cut when there are too many rows in the insert table function.
  • Fixed some bugs in tab drag sorting.
  • Fixed some bugs sorted by title.
  • The publishing service adds support for Yuque Enterprise Edition. When adding Yuque's publishing service, select Yuque Enterprise Edition.
  • mermaid library updated to 8.8.2
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 3.4.1 release

  • In the previous version 3.3.9, the light and dark theme will be set to be the same as macOS, but now it is not forced to follow the macOS system.

MWeb 3.3.9 release

  • Add: shortcut key to insert current date (CMD + D), shortcut key to insert current date and time (CMD + Shift + D). You can also use the menu: "Actions - Insert Current Date".
  • Add: Now you can set the preview style of dark theme, just in "Preferences-Theme & Style".
  • Add: In the static website function, when an array or dictionary variable is directly output in the template, it will directly become json output. The approximate usage is <script> var postsArr = {{posts}}; var catsArr = {{p.cats}}; </ script>. This is to solve the problem of insufficient description ability of the template language. If you encounter this problem, directly change the variable into a js object, so that you can directly use it in js.
  • Fixed: publish to ghost can't update.
  • Fixed: wrong switching between light and dark themes in macOS 10.15.3 and above.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 3.3.8 release

  • Fixed export to PDF can't generate TOC bug.
  • Fixed an issue where image in the editor sometimes did not display.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 3.3.6/3.3.7 release

  • Fixed a crash issue during search.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Recently Used Documents" in the document library was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed some issues on Catalina system.
  • When you click an image in the editor, it will show the context menu like the right-click.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

MWeb 3.3.4 release

  • Add new static website themes: site-mweb-bulma and site-mweb-simple.
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements.

MWeb 3.3.3 release

  • Library Mode add display current sort type in below of the search box.
  • When copy Excel or Numbers table to MWeb, it will generate markdown table automatically.
  • Fix when copy the contents of Word to MWeb problem.
  • Add menu: Edit - Insert whitespace between CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).
  • Now will remove the front matter when publishing to Wordpress, Blogger, Medium.. etc...
  • External Mode the Media Folder Name now can use vars: {year} {month} {day} .
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements.

MWeb 3.3.2 release

  • Add menu: "Actions - Multi Images to One Image...".
  • Library Mode Tag list change to the below of the "Library - All" .
  • Editor add context menu to take a photo use iPhone / iPad.
  • Tab context menu add "Reveal in Navigator"
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements.

MWeb 2.x, 3.x download