MWeb 4.0 macOS/iOS has been released.

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Custom theme

If you want to make your own theme, please check the Documentation of "Static blog/website generator" section.

If you want to share your theme, please contact me! E-Mail:, Twitter:@oulvhai

How to use

It's very easy, just copy the theme folder to your MWeb themes folder. MWeb themes folder is in ~/Library/Containers/com.coderforart.MWeb3/Data/Documents/themes/SiteThemes.

If you use git, you can also use below command:

cd ~/Library/Containers/com.coderforart.MWeb3/Data/Documents/themes/SiteThemes
git clone 'git repo url'

Notice: For MWeb 2.x, the themes folder is: ~/Library/Containers/com.coderforart.MWeb/Data/Documents/themes/SiteThemes