MWeb version 3.2.8 and below update to version 3.3.1 notice

MWeb for Mac, iPad and iPhone

Pro Markdown writing, note taking and static blog generator App


The special of MWeb

The software:

  • Make by native macOS technology, the pursuit of the perfect combination with the system.
  • In principle, the first is to pursue a simple interface and high performance, and then it is powerful, easy to use, and full-featured.

Markdown syntax:

  • Use Github Flavored Markdown syntax (GFM).
  • Supports Table, TOC, LaTeX, Fenced code block, Task lists, Footnote, etc.
  • The Markdown graphics supports mermaid, viz, echarts, plantuml, sequence, flow.

Markdown assist:

  • Support screenshots and paste, copy and paste, drag and drop Insert images and display them directly in the editor.
  • Support for setting the image width when compatible with Markdown syntax.
  • Useful Table insert and LaTeX writing aids.

Markdown output:

  • Exporting as Image, HTML, Epub, PDF, RTF, Docx.
  • Publishing to Wordrpess, Metaweblog API,, Evernote, Blogger, Medium, Tumblr.
  • Image upload service supports Google Photos, Imgur, qiniu, upyun and Custom API.

Markdown note taking:

  • A powerful document library supports category trees and tag management documents. Documents can be categorized into multiple categories. You can export a category to Epub, PDF, and generate static websites. There is good for note taking, personal knowledge collection, management, and output.
  • Quick Note.
  • Quick Search.

External Markdown documentation:

  • External Markdown documents use External Mode. The External Mode uses a directory tree to edit and manage your markdown documentation. It also supports gitbook, JekyII, and Hexo editing and image insertion.

More Feature...

  • Custom Editor Theme.
  • Custom Preview Style (CSS).
  • Custom Static Blog Theme.
  • Built-in Spell Check.
  • Full Version History.

MWeb 2.x Download

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