MWeb 4.0 macOS/iOS has been released.

MWeb 1.7.1 release! Export to RTF and Docx, publish to evernote with style, Library backup and new site themes...

Editor and publish services

Add setting image width, align left, align right, align center syntax. e.g. ![image description-w450](pic.jpg), -w450 mean set the image width: 450. ![l500](pic.jpg) --> align left, width:500. ![r500](pic.jpg) --> align right, width:500. ![c500](pic.jpg) --> align center, width:500.
Add context menu to the Editor displayed image.

Add Copy as Rich Text (your can paste to mail app or pages app), Export as RTF, Export as Docx.

Publish to Evernote, 印象笔记 now has beautiful style.

  • icon optimized
  • UI optimized
  • add Insert spaces instead of tabs option. Preferences - General
  • add Editor Max Line Width setting, default is 800. Preferences - Themes.

Library Mode

Add two static website/blog themes: mweb-medium-like and mweb-foundation-book. mweb-medium-like Demo:, mweb-foundation-book Demo:

Library Mode now add backup supported! You can backup your Library to three locations. Preferences - Backup

Library Mode now supported Drag & Drop documents list document to the category for setting document's categories.


External Mode now supported Drag & Drop to move sub folder.

fix some bugs.