MWeb 4.0 macOS/iOS has been released.

MWeb 2.0 release! 50% OFF, only $7.99!

  • Add custom Documents Library location. Preferences - General - Library Location
  • Add Tabs support.
  • Add tags support for Documents Library
  • Add Toolbar, for hide Toolbar, please use menu: View - Hide Toolbar.
  • Redesign Document Outline, shortcuts: CMD + 7
  • Add table edit and insert UI, chortcuts: Ctrl + Shift + T.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

There is a lot of new feature in MWeb 2.0! Please check out this video:

For 1.x Users

  1. 2.0 will update static blog theme, if you has changed the system blog theme, you can find your old theme in below location:

  2. 2.0 will update 1.x Library to 2.x, you can find the old Library in below location:


MWeb 2.0 Screenshots

External Mode, Tabs.

LaTex Live Preview, UI for Table Edit/Insert.

Library Mode.