MWeb 4.0 macOS/iOS has been released.

Introducing documents library

Basic usage

CMD + L to open the documents library.

Three view pattern

Editor Only:CMD + 1, Two Panes:CMD + 2, Three Panes:CMD + 3. The editor area will not resize when the view pattern change.

Editor and Live Preview settings

Preferences - Themes:

Share button

  • Live Preview: Shortcuts:CMD + R
  • Copy HTML: Convert selected Markdown text to HTML and copy. If no selected text, it will convert all Markdown text to HTML. Shortcuts:Option + CMD + C

Document info button

Document outline for quick navigation.

Document settings button

Set the document categories, HTML file name, Date, Is page.

Category and documents import,export,sort

Drag & drop to sort categories.

If you want to custom sort documents, please set Order by to Custom like below:

Now you can drag & drop to sort documents.