The beta version of MWeb 4.0 has been released.

Documentation - MWeb Basic use

MWeb's Library Mode and External Mode

MWeb is divided into Library Mode and External Mode, which are described separately below.

Library Mode

The software starts with the Library Mode. At the beginning, you need to set the location where the document library is saved. After that, all the documents will be saved in this location. The document library uses the classification tree and tags to manage documents. When you add a document, you no longer need the file name. You can write everything at will. Any time you can open the document library with the shortcut CMD + L, you can also use the menu: View - Open Library to open the document library. The following figure is the document library mode.

Basic use of the Library Mode

The Library Mode is a classic three-column mode, and the leftmost is the classification tree. You can use the right button to complete the classification management. In the middle is the list of documents of the selected category. You can add a document by clicking the β€œ+” button to the right of the search box. Of course, you can also use the shortcut key CMD + N.

As shown below, you can click on the top document information bar to set the classification, label and other information that the document belongs to. This panel can also be called up with the shortcut CMD + 8.

As shown below, you can click the document outline button on the toolbar to view the outline of the document, or use the shortcut key CMD + 7. If you want to fix this outline view, you can drag it directly to fix it.

External mode

External mode is primarily used to edit all Markdown documents on your hard drive. You open a Markdown document directly with MWeb, which is the external mode. Another concept of the external mode is to introduce the folder to MWeb, and simply drag and drop the folder to the MWeb icon to complete the introduction. The left side of the figure is the imported folder. You can open the external mode with the shortcut CMD + E or open the external mode using the menu: View - Open External.

Basic use of external mode

The external mode is a classic double-column structure. The left side is the imported folder. If you click on the MWeb-supported Markdown document, it will be opened with MWeb. Otherwise, the system preview will be called to preview. Press the space bar cancel the preview. Right-click in the folder to complete the management functions such as adding, deleting, and renaming files and folders.

As shown in the figure below, each folder that introduces MWeb will have the following setting items. Right-click the imported folder and select Edit to bring up the setting panel. The settable items of the setting panel are as shown below.

MWeb Tabs Instructions for Use

Both MWeb's External Mode and Library Mode have Tabs. MWeb Tabs have two states: fixed and replaceable.
The document that directly clicks to open a document, it will show in the replaceable Tab. The font color on the replaceable Tab will be lighter and italic, you can click to open another document will know what it mean replaceable Tab. There will only be one replaceable Tab in a window.
If you want to make him a fixed Tab, double-click to open the document, you can also use right-click - Open in New Tab.

The purpose of this design is to achieve a process that displays the document when clicked, and turns it into a fixed one if I decide to use it or keep it all the time.

You can drag and drop to change the order of the Tabs. If there are too many open Tabs, you can also right-click the tab to do some management, as shown below:

Other Tips: If you have too many tabs open, you can move the mouse over the tab and then slide the touchpad left and right to view the left and right hidden tabs.