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MWeb 1.7.3 submited! compatible with El Capitan, bug fixes.

  • Compatible with El Capitan
  • External Mode add Load Sub Folder Documents option. right click external folder - Edit - Load Sub Folder Documents
  • Add setting image align left, right, center syntax: ![-c](pic.jpg) --> align center; ![-l](pic.jpg) --> align left;![-r](pic.jpg) --> align right
  • Add words counter and outline view shortcut: CMD + 8
  • Add document setting shortcut: CMD + 7
  • Add auto fill Custom URL when publish to Wordpress
  • fix open Preferences bug.
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MWeb 1.7.1 release! Export to RTF and Docx, publish to evernote with style, Library backup and new site themes...

Editor and publish services

Add setting image width, align left, align right, align center syntax. e.g. ![image description-w450](pic.jpg), -w450 mean set the image width: 450. ![l500](pic.jpg) --> align left, width:500. ![r500](pic.jpg) --> align right, width:500. ![c500](pic.jpg) --> align center, width:500.
Add context menu to the Editor displayed image.

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MWeb 1.6 release! Dark Mode,Full Text Search,Editor/Preview View Mode, Update to Wordpress, Evernote etc..

Dark Mode

Use View - Dark Mode or Shortcuts: CMD + Option + L toggle Dark Mode. You can custom Light/Dark Mode Editor Themes in Preferences - Themes.

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MWeb 1.5 release! Typewriter Scrolling, Fenced code block code syntax highlight in editor, publish to Evernote, 印象笔记,, Blogger

Typewriter Scrolling

Shortcuts: CMD + Option + T or View - Typewriter Scrolling

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MWeb 1.4.1 发布!增加引入文件夹到 MWeb 中管理,支持拖拽插入图片和实时预览,静态博客功能增强

MWeb 1.4.1 版新功能:

因为这次发布的功能有点多,所以一开始提交到 MAS 前就写了两篇文章特别介绍了两个重要功能,这次更新主要有:

  1. 外部文档模式增加可引入文件夹到 MWeb 中管理,支持 Octpress、Jekyll 等静态博客拖拽插入图片和实时预览。请按 CMD + E 或者用菜单:View - Open External 打开外部文档模式,点 App 左下脚的 + - Add External Source... 增加文件夹。更多介绍请看提前写好的介绍文章:
  2. 静态博客功能增强,之前写好的文章 介绍了如何用 MWeb 的静态博客增强功能为 greyshade 模板增加播客和输出 Apple Podcast 格式的 RSS 的功能。成品的 Demo 网址为:
  3. 实时预览增加同步滚动功能
  4. 分享到 Email 由原来的图片改为 RTF 格式的文档。
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